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Besunyen Probiotic Beverage

Besunyen Holdings Company Ltd. Is a leading herbal tea manufacturer in China. Leading with the value proposition of “herbal, healthy, quality functional tea,” Besunyen originally launched Detox and Slimming Teas, collectively known as Two Teas, to the Chinese market in 2000. Over the years, the company has sold over 4.7 billion bags of the leading branded tea through distributors and over-the-counter pharmacies.

Besunyen uses all-natural Chinese herbal-based medicine and tea leaves as raw materials to provide safe, effective, convenient-to-use and affordable products for consumers looking for added health benefits. In an effort to further innovate their product line, Besunyen looked to the power of probiotics to enhance their next SKU.

Asia happens to be where probiotics originated so it holds the distinction of being the largest market for probiotics. In fact, China leads Asia-Pacific’s market share for probiotics, capturing over 35% of the market.1 Further, the Asian market is primed with consumers looking for digestive and probiotic health benefits to be found in innovative foods and beverages.

42% of Chinese consumers are buying beverages with digestive benefits.2

Besunyen’s new product is a multi-probiotic powdered beverage sachet. The product launched to the Chinese market in October 2018 and is sold online and through distributors. This beverage mix is targeting adults and children and features multiple strains of probiotic bacteria in each packet – including 500 million CFU of GanedenBC30®.

Besunyen decided to partner with Kerry and include GanedenBC30 in their new product because of the well-known brand equity and reputation of the probiotic, as well as the clinical research supporting its efficacy. R&D and marketing teams worked together for multiple months to determine the correct formulation for the perfect product.

Besunyen Probiotic Beverage

“We reviewed a variety of Bacillus coagulans strains along with other probiotics on the market and decided to formulate with GanedenBC30 because it was a very well-known brand in China.”

-Besunyen Holdings Company Ltd.

Furthermore, GanedenBC30 was a natural fit for incorporation into this probiotic beverage mix because of its long shelf life and high stability. As probiotics become more prevalent in the market, it’s vital for manufacturers to understand there are nuanced but important differences between strains. GanedenBC30 in particular is a patented ingredient and supported by over 25 published papers demonstrating its positive effects on digestive health, immune health and protein utilization.

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For more information about formulating functional beverages with the benefits of probiotics, download our whitepaper: Beverages with Benefits.

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