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Fetching Profits with Probiotics

When chef and retired restaurateur Pamela Holden began making treats in her kitchen for her family’s and friend’s pets, everyone loved them so much that she expanded her manufacturing capabilities and started selling them online to meet the demand. Sales continued to increase and so have products SKUs. Today H3 Essentials has garnered a loyal following of customers looking for pet treats that contain safe ingredients with specific health benefits. 

Double Digit Growth

Holden’s success reflects the sales growth occurring in the pet food market. According to Packaged Facts data, in 2014 treats made up 16% of US pet food spending, an impressive 10 percent growth over last year, according to Pet Food Industry. Holden has benefited from this trend by distinguishing her line from others by offering SKUs with a functional boost. 

Powering Up with Probiotics

H3 Essentials has garnered so much success with its Hip and Joint formulas that it was time to launch other condition-specific product. This one would offer digestive benefits. 

“Probiotics were really a natural expansion for us as our mission is to create treats that are geared toward the health and happiness of our furry friends,” Holden says. “We’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of dogs with allergies and intestinal sensitivities in recent years. What better way to help strengthen the immune system and support the ever so important digestive health of the pets we love. There’s no better supplement for the overall health of a dog than a high quality probiotic.”

Pamela Holden

“Effectiveness, survivability and made-in-the-USA were top on our list when we went searching for the best probiotic on the market”

-Pamela Holden, Founder,  H3 Essentials

Going with Ganeden

As the company began to research probiotic ingredients, Holden says they were thrilled to learn about GanedenBC30, which is “amazingly effective when it gets all the way from the manufacturer to the belly, unlike a lot of other probiotics”.

“Effectiveness, survivability and made-in-the-USA were top on our list when we went searching for the best probiotic on the market, Holden says. “Ganeden not only checked those boxes, but had a great track record, tons of case studies, marketing materials and a great vendor program to get us up and running with a top tier product,” she says. On top of that, she asserts, the product doesn’t need refrigeration and is non-GMO--important factors for H3 Essentials and customers.

H3 Essentials Probiotic

Easy Formulation? Yes!

Often when product manufacturers have found the right functional ingredient for their product, the formulation process can then pose a daunting stumbling block. This wasn’t the case with GanedenBC30, says Holden. “The assistance and guidance given by Ganeden and our sales representative was one of the reasons we chose Ganeden. They helped us choose the right product, dial in the inclusion rates and even tested our sample products to confirm that the probiotic was truly surviving our manufacturing processes.”

The Extra Step

H3 Essentials was able to benefit from Ganeden’s unique Extra Step program which helps clients beyond formulation. “Ganeden has done a great deal for us in terms of assistance getting our Probiotic Chews launched including packaging advice and great marketing information. Their vast library of clinical studies and marketing material has been invaluable to our success with the product.”

“We loved working with H3 Essentials to bring their new probiotic dog treat product to market,” says Mike Bush, Ganeden’s Senior Vice President. “The product makes perfect sense for this growing market and we love knowing that GanedenBC30 will be giving dogs a health boost.”

Wonder if your product is a fit for GanedenBC30? Contact or 866-777-0825. 



Ganeden is a science focused organization dedicated to bringing superior probiotics to markets that have been otherwise unmet by traditional solutions.

All Ganeden ingredients are made in the United States of America.