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The Perfect Pair: Probiotics & Protein

There’s a lot more going on in today’s nut butter aisle than peanuts. You’ve got spreads made from sunflower and chia seeds and nuts like almonds and pistachios. The range of flavors and health benefits of these new products appeal to today’s adventurous consumer.  One company leading the way in nut butter innovation is Yumbutter.

From its packaging to its ingredients and transparent messaging, the Madison-Wisc.-based company stands out in just about every way. Launched in 2010, its unique Go-Anywhere™ Pouch comes in six varieties including Sunflower, Cashew and Almond, which contain additional ingredients like chia seeds and goji berries. The company’s most recent launch, Protein + Probiotic with GanedenBC30, is the first of its kind in the nut butter world.

The Perfect Probiotic for Protein

Protein + Probiotic blends creamy almond butter and sprouted brown rice protein to deliver 10 grams of protein and probiotics in just two tablespoons. For the probiotic, the company decided on GanedenBC30 because of its unique properties, says Matt D’Amour, co-founder. “GanedenBC30 is allergen free, non-GMO, and extremely shelf stable. Yumbutter has a shelf life of one year, and is made to be the ultimate travel companion. Thus, we needed a probiotic that would stay alive long enough to reach the guts of our fans.” 

Matt D'Amour

“Nut butter is a natural fit for probiotics, so it was a simple decision.”

-Matt D'Amour, Yumbutter co-founder

In addition to its digestive benefits, GanedenBC30 supports protein utilization in the body. “GanedenBC30 helps not only with digestive health, but with the utilization of protein as well - which made it great for our Protein + Probiotic potion,” D’Amour explains. “We also wanted to bring awareness to the importance of gut health, and make getting your probiotics easier and more fun,” he adds.

Yumbutter Protein+Probiotic

The Ganeden Extra Step

Before a product can make it to the shelf though, successful formulation must be achieved. The Ganeden team prides itself on how closely it works with partners during this process. Formulating with GanedenBC30 was, "easy breezy!” according to D’Amour. “Nut butter is a natural fit for probiotics, so it was a simple decision. In addition, Ganeden made testing easy by giving us plenty of samples to formulate with and then allowing us to send test batches to their lab.”

Through Ganeden’s Extra Step Program, Yumbutter received marketing support which also helped make the product successful, says Alana McKeever, the company’s Love Coordinator. “The Ganeden team was amazingly helpful, especially with PR. Yumbutter was invited by Ganeden on a press tour at its headquarters in November, and we were given invaluable advice. They gave us tips for reaching out to media contacts, and how to build meaningful and lasting relationships, instead of the usual shallow efforts to just sell a story. We are so grateful,” McKeever says.

Protein + Probiotic has become the company’s best seller at Target. “It also tends to be a favorite of some of the athletes we sponsor, and is a hit at vegan festivals,” D’Amour reports. With Mintel predicting sales in the nut-based spreads and sweet spreads category increasing 65% from 2013-18 to reach sales of $6.5 billion in 2018, Yumbutter is well poised for continued growth and success.

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