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Ganeden Partner Product Wins Supplyside Insights Award

World's First Probiotic Coffee Receives More Acclaim at New York Conference

CLEVELAND, OH (June 6, 2013) -- Ganeden and Tipton Mills' Probiotic Coffee was awarded the inaugural SupplySide Insights Award for Probiotic Coffee at the recent SupplySide MarketPlace in New York.

"Selecting the winning partnerships honored in our inaugural SupplySide Insights Awards program was a great challenge, as the finalists in all three categories represented quite innovative and successful finished products that were born out of a desire to work synergistically in product development," said Heather Granato, vice president, content, VIRGO's SupplySide Health & Nutrition Network. "We spent a good deal of time looking at the breadth of the partnership, the science behind the ingredients and the consumer market response."

The Tipton Mills private label and direct-to-consumer instant probiotic coffees feature Ganeden Biotech's unique, patented probiotic, GanedenBC30, that can survive heat, cold and other conditions that destroy most probiotics, making a warm probiotic beverage possible.

Since its tremendously successful launch at the last Fancy Food Show, Tipton Mills now offers Ganeden's probiotic ingredient, GanedenBC30, for its entire Tipton Mills beverage product offerings - instant coffees, chai lattes, lattes, cappuccinos, teas in various flavors, and even high protein shakes and smoothies. These products are available as stick packs and vertical or horizontal fill and seal packages.

According to the National Coffee Association, Americans drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee a day per person (the average size of a cup is 9 ounces), while the U.S. spends $40 billion on coffee each year.

"We love to see our partner products win awards; it demonstrates that the market is ready for innovative probiotic-boosted products," said Mike Bush, Ganeden's Vice President. "None of this would be possible without our partner Ganeden and their extensive research efforts in developing an outstanding and groundbreaking ingredient to enhance our hot and cold beverages," said Tim Sheehy, Tipton Mills President.

About GanedenBC30:

Introducing GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), Ganeden Biotech’s patented probiotic ingredient that can be found in more than 100 leading food, beverage and companion animal products around the world. Unlike most other probiotic strains, GanedenBC30 is a spore-former which makes it highly stable and allows it to remain viable through most manufacturing processes, three years of shelf life and the low pH of stomach acid. The efficacy of GanedenBC30 is backed by over 20 published studies showing digestive and immune support and GanedenBC30 has an exceptional safety record with FDA GRAS status from the United States FDA. It can be formulated into virtually any food, beverage or companion animal product that is baked, boiled, frozen or squeezed….including all hot or refrigerated beverages! For more information, please visit

About Ganeden:

Ganeden is at the forefront of probiotic research and product development with an extensive library of published studies and more than 100 patents for probiotic technologies in the food, beverage, animal health, sports nutrition and personal care ingredients markets. Ganeden is best known for GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), its patented, FDA GRAS, non-GMO, highly stable probiotic ingredient.  Ganeden's newest ingredient, Bonicel, is the first science-backed, probiotic-derived, personal care ingredient shown to dramatically reduce signs of aging.  For more information about Ganeden and licensing opportunities visit

Ganeden is a science focused organization dedicated to bringing superior probiotics to markets that have been otherwise unmet by traditional solutions.

All Ganeden ingredients are made in the United States of America.