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Ganeden Partners Launching 14 Products at Expo West 

Industry experts to discuss how retailers and CPG companies can participate in the thriving probiotic market

CLEVELAND, OH (February 24, 2015) - Ganeden is heading to this year’s Natural Products Expo West with much to celebrate. The recognized innovator in probiotics is sponsoring an educational session, cheering on two probiotic partners who are finalists in the Engredea NutrAwards, and revealing 14 new products fortified with the patented probiotic, GanedenBC30, at their brand-new Ganeden booth.

Stop by Ganeden’s Exhibitor-Presented Seminar on Saturday, March 7th from 2-3pm in the Marriott, Grand Salon A/B to hear from a panel made up of retail, CPG and industry experts including, Cindy Bigelow CEO of Bigelow Tea and Mark Retzloff Chairman of Alfalfa’s Market, who will explain how innovative probiotic products allow retailers and CPG companies to participate in this thriving market. Visit for more info.

For the third year in a row, Ganeden is celebrating having finalists in the Engredea NutrAwards. Garden of Flavor’s Cold Pressed Probiotic juice and Sweet Earth’s “Get Cultured!” probiotic breakfast burrito are two of the four finalists in the finished product category. One winner from each category, finished product and functional ingredient, will be announced at the reception set for March 5th, at the Hilton in Anaheim, California.

Introducing the 14 newest products showcasing the exceptional formulating capabilities of GanedenBC30:

Suja Organic Sunrise Probiotic Juice (Expo West Booth #5662) - A satisfying strawberry smoothie, packed with soothing almond milk, strawberries and 2 billion CFUs of GanedenBC30.

Mission Digestive Health Tortillas - A perfect way to get digestive and immune supporting probiotics into your diet. These flour tortillas contain GanedenBC30, making it easy to get all the digestive support while enjoying your favorite meal.

Sweet Earth “Get Cultured!” Functional Breakfast Burrito (Expo West booth #4453) - A vegan blend of tofu, cabbage, mushrooms, ginger, red peppers, edamame, and GanedenBC30. This microwavable breakfast option is the first frozen breakfast food to feature GanedenBC30.

Yogi® Cranberry Spice Probiotic Balance™ Tea (Expo West booth #2420) -  A blend that includes GanedenBC30 probiotics in addition to cranberry, hawthorn berry, coriander, cumin and warming chai spices, all traditionally used to support the digestive system.

Six Star Fit Lean Protein - A premium blend of 100% protein isolate. With just 70 calories per serving and GanedenBC30 probiotics for digestive and immune support, this protein blend is a complete formula you can trust.

Little Duck Organics Tiny Gummies (Expo West booth #5221) - A Probiotic fruit and veggie snack for kids 2-100, two flavors: Orange, Carrot & Goji and Pomegranate, Blueberry & Acai.

Attune Probiotic Chocolate Bar (Expo West booth #2250) - Each bar contains GanedenBC30 for digestive and immune support. These bars do not need to be refrigerated so you can enjoy them anytime or anywhere and come in 3 flavors: Toasted Coconut, Milk Chocolate Crisp, and Dark Chocolate.

Natures Agave GoSweet Pro (Expo West booth #4148) - The first Organic Zero Calorie Sweetener with a super blend of organic stevia, organic blue agave, and GanedenBC30. GoSweet® Pro is made with premium, organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Uncle Matts Organic Juice (Expo West booth #2313) - Organic juice fortified with 1 billion CFU of GanedenBC30 per serving. 2 delicious flavors: Organic Orange Coconut and Organic Orange Turmeric.

Fast Track Nutrition ProCookies - 100 Calorie cookie snack packs with probiotics and green coffee bean extract. Fast Track snacks combine all the elements your body needs without the guilt. Comes in 3 great tasting flavors!

Miracle Noodle Soup (Expo West booth #2698) - Miracle Noodle soups are a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy soup without the calories of regular noodle soup. 4 functionalities available: Weight Management, Cold & Flu Support, Cleanse & Detox, and Energy Support.

Karma Probiotic Wellness Water (Expo West booth #5566) - A shelf stable probiotic beverage that features the break-through KarmaCap dispensing cap. The digestive supporting ingredients are stored in the cap until the consumer infuses the contents into water. Each bottle of Karma Probiotics includes 2 billion CFUs of GanedenBC30. Available in 3 delicious flavors. 

Sisters+™ Probiotic Yogurt Cultured® Cheese - Sisters+™ Probiotic Yogurt Cultured Cheese with GanedenBC30 has a mild and creamy flavor and smooth texture, making it a favorite for the whole family.

Barsotti Mango Orange Pineapple Juice - A blend of mango, orange and pineapple juices fortified with GanedenBC30.

Please visit Ganeden at Expo West booth #347 to discuss the latest in probiotic technology, and to learn more about all of the foods and beverages enriched with GanedenBC30. Stop by to see Ganeden’s brand-new redesigned booth, sample delicious snacks from Georgia Nut. Additionally, Dr. Howard Cash, Ganeden’s esteemed Application and Food Scientist will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have throughout the show.  We hope to see you there!


About GanedenBC30:

Introducing GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), Ganeden Biotech’s patented probiotic ingredient that can be found in more than 100 leading food, beverage and companion animal products around the world. Unlike most other probiotic strains, GanedenBC30 is a spore-former which makes it highly stable and allows it to remain viable through most manufacturing processes, three years of shelf life and the low pH of stomach acid. The efficacy of GanedenBC30 is backed by over 20 published studies showing digestive and immune support and GanedenBC30 has an exceptional safety record with FDA GRAS status from the United States FDA. It can be formulated into virtually any food, beverage or companion animal product that is baked, boiled, frozen or squeezed….including all hot or refrigerated beverages! For more information, please visit

About Ganeden:

Ganeden is at the forefront of probiotic research and product development with an extensive library of published studies and more than 100 patents for probiotic technologies in the food, beverage, animal health, sports nutrition and personal care ingredients markets. Ganeden is best known for GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), its patented, FDA GRAS, non-GMO, highly stable probiotic ingredient.  Ganeden's newest ingredient, Bonicel, is the first science-backed, probiotic-derived, personal care ingredient shown to dramatically reduce signs of aging.  For more information about Ganeden and licensing opportunities visit

Ganeden is a science focused organization dedicated to bringing superior probiotics to markets that have been otherwise unmet by traditional solutions.

All Ganeden ingredients are made in the United States of America.